2017 New Venture Teams

Meet the new venture teams developed by the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, Class of 2017.

Bar Harbor Technology

Bar Harbor Technology is here to improve the inefficiencies of the day-to-day operations in the full-service restaurant industry using RFID and NFC technology. 

Changeover logo Changeover re-purposes unused warehouses to provide storage space to consumers and offers a platform to rent or sell those items to the community.
CloisterVR Logo CloisterVR creates virtual reality home tours to allow clients to tour and customize their future home before a brick is laid. 
  Conspiracy Cosmetics Logo

Conspiracy Cosmetics designs, manufactures, and sells customizable, high-quality luxury cosmetics with an emphasis on social responsibility, natural ingredients and sustainable practices.

Fasten Logo  At Fasten, we envision an effortless life for individuals who live with disabilities and dexterity issues. Our company offers products that utilize our unique magnetic fastener to make their lives easier. 
Food Change Logo FoodChange is a developing nonprofit focused on creating sustainable, healthy meals from imperfect produce that otherwise would go to waste.
Groupdup Logo Groupdup challenges the rising prices and hassle of planning a memorable group experience. We provide an online platform for users to leverage group discount rates.

HIPR is a personalized subscription service that delivers a holistic skincare regimen. We offer comprehensive personal care education with input from dermatologists and nutritionists.

Iris Logo

Iris, Electronic Medical Records, is an interactive software that accelerates the patient record process to increase accuracy and reduce ambulances’ running out of service.

Learn Safe Logo Using advances in serious games and augmented reality, LearnSAFE provides training products that reduce citations, decrease injuries, and encourage a safety culture in the workplace.
Loop Logo

Loop is a personal relationship management tool that brings data science into personal networking and eliminates the busy work of manually tracking digital interactions.

MEdLi Logo MEdLi is a healthcare company dedicated to improving patient understanding of their health through the use of virtual reality.  
Nunami Labs logo

Nunami Labs crafts cutting-edge sensor technologies for self-driving cars that enable vehicles to see and understand their surroundings, creating a safer road ahead.

October Sports Group Logo

October Sports Group is committed to offering affordable, high-quality, boutique baseball bats, backed by Hall of Fame baseball players specifically designed for youth little leaguers. 

OneBlock Systems logo

At OneBlock Systems, we revolutionize home security technology by transforming your Wi-Fi router into a stand-alone detection device, no cameras or sensors needed!

Pocket Pantry logo   Pocket Pantry is an app that allows users to watch cooking videos, create shopping lists, and order the ingredients to be delivered to their door.
SaluRem logo   Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases limit the lives of millions worldwide. SaluRem restores patients to health with a natural, pro-biotic style treatment, now starting FDA phase 2 approvals.
  SHAW aims to provide a constant health monitor that tracks an individual’s vitals, in conjunction with an emergency button.
  Specteros Logo Specteros is an energy management company specializing in indoor horticulture solutions for sustainability and growth. Our products offer customization and flexibility inspired by growers.