2016 New Venture Teams

Bailiwic Team Photo


Non-profits can spend more time doing what matters when they use Bailiwic, the simple, powerful donor analytics software solution. Engage your donors. Change the world.

Bailiwic is an undergraduate team (from left): Fernando Garcia, business management; Madeline Blank, marketing; Will Zandler, information science technology; Muhammed Yilmaz, accounting.



BeneBundle Team


Featuring products that benefit the Earth and our customers, BeneBundle is a website selling a variety of eco-friendly apparel that is certified for complete confidence.

BeneBundle is an undergraduate team (from left): Peter Santoro, ecology and evolutionary biology; Eric Espinosa, engineering management; Natalie Sokol, marketing; Doug Loftus, marketing.



Big Water Music Team

Big Water Music Logi

Big Water Music is an artist-oriented independent record label that designs a customized experience for our musicians by providing professional management and developmental services.

Big Water Music is an undergraduate team (from left): Walter Garay, business management; Senovia Quihuis, business management; Kori Hazel, marketing; Sierra Bourne, marketing; Matt Cerepanya, business management. 



Cairn Media Team

Cairn Media Logo

Cairn Media brings immersive, educational, and family-­oriented mobile application tours to zoos, museums, and similar organizations through our creative team’s continuous support and advanced location­-based technology.

Cairn Media is an undergraduate team (from left): Bryce Schuler, business economics; James Stewart, MIS; Shivam Wadhawan, communication; AJ Muscarello, finance.  



Car-fly Team


Does your restaurant need customers? Tired of managing deliveries? You cook, we’ll drive, and let your customers do the cleaning. Car-fly, an on-demand delivery service.

Car-fly is a graduate team (from left): Edward Enhelder, systems engineering; Jenn Ronnebaum, MBA.



Coverd Team

Coverd Logo

Coverd allows the music festival community to create unforgettable memories by covering all of their camping rental needs onsite, leaving them stress-free to enjoy their experience.

Coverd is an undergraduate team (from left): Nick Hinsberg, engineering management; Chris Bocz, finance; Sky Bartsch, finance; Morgan McDevitt, business management. 



Defiiant Team

Defiiant Technologies Logo

Defiiant Technologies introduces an immersive, 3D social media experience through our mobile virtual reality app and Vidi, our wearable VR camera.

Defiiant Technologies is an undergraduate team (from left): Kramer Kutschko, finance; Clayton Jeanette, systems engineering; Zachary Kane, marketing; Brian Herrera, optical sciences and engineering.





EZ|KE provides access control to users via our biometric lock and complementing software system. Our solution offers simplified access, convenience, and sales metrics for consumers.

EZ|KE is an undergraduate team (from left): Nick Lyons, optical sciences and engineering; Audrey Koomar, business management and psychology; Connor Wasz, finance; Victoria Preciado, marketing. 



Handle Team


Handle gives you one name and one place for all of your contact information. You have complete control over who sees which set of information.

Handle is a graduate team (from left): Praharsh Srinivasula, computer science; Shivkanth Bagavathy, computer science.





The Inertia network connects millennial fitness enthusiasts with trainers, coaches, and instructors to create a fun and social community around shared interests.

Students: Vaughn Brinkman, Gerardo Lona, Daniel Medwin, Jeremy Sanchez.



InFancy Team


inFancy integrates technology and design into everyday baby products to create peace of mind for the modern parent and comfort for life’s most prized possession.

inFancy is a graduate team (from left): Jason Marietta, MBA; Seda Koyluoglu, MBA; Jason Ferris, MBA; Rohit Sonik, MBA.



Jupitar Team


Download cool and friendly apps on your drone with Jupitar. With our smarter, faster drone app development software and app store, you’re in control.

Jupitar is a graduate team (from left): Sameer Patil, MBA; Rodrigo Savage, electrical and computer engineering; Javier Castelo, MBA; Michell Bauer, MBA.




Park Central Team

Park Central

Park Central is a parking brokerage service that links city drivers with private landowners. Using our app, users can view, reserve and pay for parking. 

Park Central is an undergraduate team (from left): Jason Sandler, finance; Zach Swanson, finance and accounting; Jacob Levinson, retailing and consumer sciences; Brittany Nordlund, marketing. 



Philotimo Team

Philotimo Technologies

Philotimo Technologies provides interactive, exciting, and immersive virtual reality-based content combined with peer-reviewed pedagogy to engage learners and promote scholastic achievement in STEM subjects.

Philotimo Technologies is a graduate team (from left): Rahul Prayakarao, MBA; Timothy O'Connell, second language acquisition and teaching; Saúl Soto, MBA; Zoltan Szabo, mechanical engineering. 




Whether you are looking for casual dating, something more serious, or new friends, ROVR is the mobile app for discovering exciting connections wherever you are.

Students: Jimmy Song, Cameron Steiner, Michael Young



Team Seattle

Team Seattle captures and automatically organizes a student’s academic calendar into a single, comprehensive and easily accessible schedule with helpful reminders to manage upcoming assignments.

Team Seattle is an undergraduate team (from left): Luke Williams, studio art; Jackson Fogerty, business economics; Jake Nicholas, business economics; DJ Sutton, marketing. 


 Seller to Cellar Team

Seller to Cellar

SellertoCellar.com directly connects local Arizona wine and goods artisans with wine lovers and adventurers at home through a convenient, interactive, and informative online marketplace experience.

SellertoCellar.com is an undergraduate team (from left): Ryne Handelman, business management; Andrew Felice, marketing; Hannah Gardner, business management; Daniel Caine, accounting. 



Sitmoto Team


Sitmoto pampers your pets in luxurious accommodations while you’re at work or away on vacation. With our veterinary-integrated software, book your reservation online anytime.

Sitmoto is an undergraduate team (from left): Arya Bina, finance; Savannah Wolfe, business management; Ryan Miller, business management; Larry Gaurano, business management; and William Yee, MIS.



TheraCea Pharma

TheraCea Pharma

TheraCea Pharma develops therapeutics for the more than one billion people who suffer from neurological disorders, taking early drug candidates through discovery and collaboration from bench to market.

TheraCea Pharma is a graduate team (from left): Iman Daryaei, biological chemistry; Atul Patel, MBA; Javier Castillo-Montoya, chemistry.




Wherdugo Team

Wherdugo Logo

Discover your next great dining experience with personalized recommendations based on the flavors you savor. We know where you should go. Dine intelligently with Wherdugo.

Wherdugo is an undergraduate team (from left): Jonas Otter, business management; Jordan Spallas, marketing; Alyssa Bowles, MIS; Joe Shetler, business management.



WorkSphere Team


Improve employee accountability, communication and productivity while reducing costs with WorkSphere's secure and user-friendly mobile management software.  

WorkSphere is an undergraduate team (from left): Dante Egger, business management; Ivan Mendez, MIS; Daniel Dicochea, business management; Timothy Wolfe, business economics; Chaoying Yan, MIS.