2015 New Venture Teams

carlucid logo

Carlucid helps car owners easily and safely sell their cars in a peer-to-peer marketplace while ensuring the selling price exceeds any dealer’s offer.

Team members: Whitney Johnson, Matthew McLeish, Brent Washburn, Yuan Zhang

Co.Host is a platform that creates company-specific networks of business travelers and hosts to bring lodging costs down, develop community, and reward users through incentives.

Team members: Dustin Cox, Amelia Klawon, Adam Tank

CrateCrops is an aquaponic technology manufacturer that creates experiential STEM platforms for K-12 schools by incorporating aquaponics, vertical gardening, and automation inside repurposed shipping containers.

Team members: Reilly Cleal, Scott Downey, Yale Jesser, Shawn Ludgate, Phillip von Bieberstein

H2Kn0w manufactures and distributes in-shower sensors and software to monitor and record water usage data and relay personalized metrics back to the customer to minimize water usage.

Team members: Andrew Granatstein, Kieren Thompson, Andre Vidaller, Patrick Weber

Infinurja designs, produces, and sells products that use organic waste and natural biological processes to generate continuous power to homes.

Team members: Nicholas Jennings, Vinay Nenwani, Adam Ross

MedicalMentor uses mobile technology to help patients with heart disease actively manage their healthcare from diagnosis to cure.

Team members: Ryan Doner, Raymond Sanchez, Andrew Veatch, Stephanie Zawada

MyStick Sports pioneers the subscription model for hockey sticks and necessities, providing convenience and cost savings to competitive amateurs. My Stick, My Sport.

Team members: Andrea Ang, Greg May, Matthew Nowicki, Alex Warren

RIO facilitiates peer-to-peer renting through an online platform, offering conflict dispute management, insurance, and feedback ratings.

Team members: Jason Gray, Abhirup Kheterpal, Jason Kwan, Ari Nicolini

SuitsU offers suit rentals in full suits or separate articles of clothing/accessories, providing affordable business attire to customers and market exposure to apparel retailers.

Team members: Brian Beilinson, Emily Bell, Scott Koren, Brandi VanDenburgh

Sustainifi is an online grocery store that brings together suppliers of sustainable, innovative food sources. We educate customers about these products and have them delivered quickly.

Team members: Greyson Gardlik, Rana Gidwani, Brett Rothberger, Jenny Sale

TrendEdge is a data analytics company that provides clothing retailers with low-cost and up to the minute trend forecasting information generated from direct customer feedback.

Team members: Annie Mielke, Xinsen (Kingston) Song, Daria Timonina, Matthew Watson

clean lynk logo

CleanLynk facilitates and enhances connectivity between dry cleaners and their customers through the use of a mobile application, enhancing customer service and business development.

Team members: Sohaib Ahmad, Paul Holtfreich, Jordan Lancaster, Matt Yalung

Color Theory's interior design platform helps growing companies design better workspaces through color psychology and effective furniture arrangement.

Team members: Stephanie Dusso, Kevin Johnson, Margo Mesch

Endosport provides athletic base layer apparel that uses proprietary cold pack inserts to help wearers keep cool, stay comfortable, and compete at a higher level.

Team members: Jeremy Courtney, Layne Gross, John Jackson

Hop ‘n Top Brewhouse fosters a community of beer lovers and aspiring brewers by providing the place, expertise, and social network to learn, experiment, and brew together.

Team members: Jason Ducoffe, RT Justice, Mallory Kelley, Saleiha Mayer-Marks

InHouse Real Estate Marketing Platform provides real estate professionals with an intuitive, unified web application for brand enhancement, lead management, and marketing of listings.

Team members: Brittany Auclair, Onye Chi-ukpai, Mat Friedman, Cooper Kowalski, Luis Palomares

M.U.D. Bars makes organic, high-quality, nutritious energy bars with flavors and ingredients sourced from countries around the world that are currently experiencing food insecurity.

Team members: Alex Bode, Kendal Glatthorn, Emily McSherry, Matthew Powell

The Presence hyper-local social app uses proprietary algorithms to help individuals maintain relationships through customized gift options, date notifications, and reminders.

Team members: Adam DeLuca, Brandon Hecke, Marissa Torres, Nathan Yee

Stride's mobile app helps runners pursue, achieve, and surpass their fitness goals through a one-of-a-kind rewards system.

Team members: Kristen Ayers, Tyler Jacobs, Ryan Potter, David Pratt

The Summit Studios is a filmed entertainment production facility that supports all phases essential for production companies in creating and assembling their imaginative projects.

Team member: Robert Ewald Jr.

TOHFA enhances the gift giving experience through gift boxes that are aesthetically appealing and convertible to other uses.

Team members: Lubaina Maimoon, Nop Puarattana-Aroonkorn, Vippawanee Vidthayanon, Meghana Vishwanath

TruView securely stores and redacts digital evidence for law enforcement agencies. Our services increase efficiency, reduce costs, and prevent public perceptions of evidence tampering.

Team Members: Rey Sanchez, Stuart Van Pelt, Bryan Waxman, Blake Wilson